About Pause Your Life

What is Pause Your Life?

Pause Your Life is an organization that provides retreats and meetups for individuals who want to step away from the pressures of day-to-day living, release their worldly stress, and connect more strongly with their higher Self.

Pause Your Life conducts retreat programs, local meetups, virtual meetups and online group meditation.

Pause Your Life creates an accepting atmosphere for participants to press the "Pause button," relax, drop their "baggage," and simply be a human being without any expectations or worries. After a wonderful experience individuals re-enter their life with more clarity and sanity – renewed and refreshed.

Be brave and pause your life. Yes, it actually takes courage to Pause the madness.

Our Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for individuals to step away from the pressures of day-to-day living, enter an atmosphere of total acceptance, release all of their worldly stress, connect more strongly with their higher Self, and re-enter their lives energized and refreshed.


"Be still, my soul.
Rest awhile from the feverish activities in which you lose yourself.
Be not afraid to be left alone with yourself for one short hour."
~Ernest Crosly


Chris and Malar Curran founded Pause Your Life in January 2013. They felt a need to create a conducive environment that would allow individuals to pause, unwind, and reconnect with their inner power source without having to buy into any specific religious beliefs, philosophy or teaching. Just pause. Additional inspiration came from the book Byways of Blessedness by James Allen (originally published in 1904 and recently re-published by Pause Your Life).

In 2003, a year before they would meet, Chris and Malar’s spiritual training began in earnest. Individually they both started practicing Sahaj Marg Meditation – Malar in Texas and Chris in New Jersey. Since then, both have continued to practice and evolve under masterful guidance. This experience has allowed Chris and Malar to shed light on many common issues that participants struggle with.

The New Jersey Pause Your Life meetup group conducted its first meeting on March 1, 2013. Since then it has been very popular and effective. Pause Your Life retreats were organized in 2014 and 2015. The next retreat is now being planned.

Chris and Malar recently relocated to Colorado Springs after living in New Jersey for many years.

Denali National Park, Alaska


*If you would like to inquire about becoming a trained facilitator, please Contact Us.

Chris and Malar Curran - Founders of Pause Your Life, retreat organizers, and Colorado Springs and Denver meetup facilitators.

Christine Jeffrey - Christy is a Pause Your Life meetup facilitator in Montville, NJ, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker at The Wellness Group Of Montville.

Frank Dec - Northern NJ meetup facilitator

Bruce Langford - London, Ontario Canada meetup facilitator

Other Resources

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The Pause Journal is a special journal with a quote on the bottom of each page from the amazing book...

Byways of Blessedness by James Allen. After purchasing this book at one of our local meetups, here’s what a participant wrote 24 hours later: “OMG! I read the book Byways of Blessedness yesterday from cover to cover and highlighted several parts. Even though it was written in the early 1900’s, it is so relevant to what is going on in our world today, and more personally, what is going on in my own journey. I re-read my highlighted parts this morning. This book is going to be my new Bible as I go forward in this next chapter in my life. Highly recommend it!!!

Chris Curran hosts The Mystic Show, a podcast exploring spirituality, mindfulness, meditation, and the practical application of these principles in our lives. You can subscribe and listen via iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google PlayTuneIn Radioyour favorite Android podcast app, or TheMysticShow.net.

Chris also wrote Leap Beyond Your Limits (2010) in which he shares his experience and techniques to help readers achieve all types of goals more quickly by commanding their beliefs, mindset and attitude.

Learn how to do Lightness Meditation.

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