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Pause Your LifeDay-to-day living in a human body in 2016 is demanding and stressful. Wouldn’t you love to press the “pause button,” drop your baggage, relax and feel something spiritually deep and fulfilling? Pause Your Life provides retreats and meetups for this purpose, very much like these “rest-houses” that the immortal James Allen describes here:

“Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the road, and under the cool shade of a group of trees, a small wooden building called a “rest-house”, where the weary traveler may rest a while, and allay his thirst and assuage his hunger and fatigue by partaking of the food and water which the kindly inhabitants place there as a religious duty.

“Along the great highway of life there are such resting places; away from the heat of passion and the dust of disappointment, under the cool and refreshing shade of lowly Wisdom, are the humble, unimposing “rest-houses” of peace, and the little, almost unnoticed, byways of blessedness, where alone the weary and footsore can find strength and healing.

“Nor can these byways be ignored without suffering. Along the great road of life, hurrying, and eager to reach some illusive goal, presses the multitude, despising the apparently insignificant “rest-houses” of true thought, not heeding the narrow little byways of blessed action, which they regard as unimportant; and hour by hour men are fainting and falling, and numbers that cannot be counted perish of heart-hunger, heart-thirst, and heart-fatigue.

“But he who will step aside from the passionate press, and will deign to notice and to enter the byways which are here presented, his dusty feet shall press the incomparable flowers of blessedness, his eyes be gladdened with their beauty, and his mind refreshed with their sweet perfume. Rested and sustained, he will escape the fever and the delirium of life, and, strong and happy, he will not fall fainting in the dust, nor perish by the way, but will successfully accomplish his journey.”

~James Allen
Broad Park Avenue
Ilfracombe, England

You must experience a Pause Your Life event to feel how effective they really are.

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FYI- The above excerpt from James Allen is taken from his classic yet mostly unknown book, Byways of Blessedness, and we have republished a beautiful version of it! (originally published in 1904)

*You are welcome to take advantage of our retreats and meetups, which you can consider to be your own makeshift rest-houses 😉  …and browse the blog posts and even Pause Right Now!

~Chris and Malar

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